TANTRA ~ Exposing Your Lustrous Gem !

~ Experience the subtle energies ~

Carefully "Weaving" each session to meet Your personal needs, healing the body's subtle energies & awakening the inner core to "Expand" your awareness & facilitate healing on a deeper cellular level. Utilizing ancient energy healing secrets with specific "touch" techniques, oft incorporating meditation, visualization and controlled breathing (Prana).

  • Enjoy a relaxing, balancing experience!
  • Gain confidence, stamina & self awareness.
  • Get back in touch with your body! Learn what works for YOU.
  • Release damaging emotions & Enhance relationships.
  • Enjoy the energies of your own and/or your partner's body!
  • Embrace the world around you in a new & different light!

Alternative sessions available to accommodate more serious needs! Feel Alive Again!

Schedule a basic relaxing Massage , Reiki Healing , Healing Touch or Tantric Arts , Couples Session , along with Alternative counseling or Spiritual guidance. Improve your life, release stress, ease tension, banish pain!

Allow me to design a plan to accommodate your specific needs. All sessions custom designed to fit You & facilitate your personal healing.

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~ Jebijou ~ A private place for self discovery & Alternative therapies. Located in Drumore township, South of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, PA, near the Susquehanna. MoonSprings Healing Arts Center. Charmingly rustic, comfortable & secluded.